Gradual Rise of Nokia Smartphone Sales with Microsoft on the Look

Several months ago, the news breaks out about Microsoft taking over the Finnish multinational communications and information technology corporation that sells mobile phones and portable IT devices Nokia. However, even without holding the reigns yet, the giant American technology corporation laid out a very good news with Nokia's increase of sales on smartphones.

Aiming to expand more their software and hardware offerings, Microsoft recently proposed the seven point two billion dollars take over fee to Nokia - which is expected to take full effect by the end of this year. The struggling company however has bagged a 19 percent increase with their sales in comparison to the previous quarter, earning them with the figures of eight point eight million dollars of its high-end Lumia smartphones and 55.8 million for their low-cost phones. This announcement greatly motivated and pleased Microsoft making them geared towards creating new sets of smartphones and tablets that would surely rejuvenate the works and effort of the dying company.

In line with their aim of resurrecting Nokia, Windows plan on making the Lumia 1520 - the first Window Phone in a six-inch display - and Lumia 2520 - the first ever tablet that has the same characteristics with their own tablet Surface 2. However, this plan is set to be tested first because Windows need to also save the overall operating loss of the handset business which is still trying to compete with the operating systems of Androids. Because even with the grand increase of sales with Nokia's smartphones, their low-cost handset is still in the market and is actually fluctuating.

Needless to say, Nokia has still a lot of work to do even with Microsoft on the look. They need to address their problem with their low-costs phones in order for them to gracefully exit the fields of telecommunication - that if they' will not embrace their fate. Meanwhile, Microsoft has to do a lot of improving and upgrading even with the high-tech Lumias because the increase of sales does not determine and assure that it will continue and still pave among the users. Therefore, they need to continually do their research with regards to innovation - which they are very good at - so that their newly acclaimed expansion will not follow its roots.

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