Potential Problems With Robots


In this article, the topic which is being going to be discussed is potential problems with robots.


Like all other man-made things and inventions which have associated with them a few inherent imperfections, there are some potential issues with robotics. There have been concerns raised about the problems with robots. Our society has become flooded with the intricacy of robotics so much that it is high time to find out what and how bad can things go wrong and what would be potential problems with robots?


In order to understand better the reasons behind raising a concern about potential problems with real robots, imagine a situation where this world is over ruled by machines or real robots. It is natural that this supposition or the concept seems to be quite unlikely if we take into account the present day technology. But it would not be very hard to conceive the possibility of encountering such nightmare, as described in famous Hollywood movies such as Terminator or War Games. As technology is becoming more and more advance and complex and robots and computer becoming faster and smarter, however this does not mean that there would not be any of the problems with robot which you might have hoped so far.


The potential issues with robotics are that with computers and robots becoming more fast, in the absence of any emotions or other human feeling or conscious, they can go against mankind. Because of the absence of these qualities, robots will have no morals to govern their decisions and actions. Well, if this logic represents problems with robots, then robots would definitely be a threat to mankind and it would not involve tough logic and only a simple common sense that mankind would become the first and prime target of super intelligent robots.


There is another angle of potential problems with robots which is ethical issues. There is ongoing debate whether it is ethically and morally right to design robots which take away jobs of human workers. Well, different people have different opinion regarding this. The solution to this as well as all other potential issues with robotics is there should be a balanced approach so that there are no such scenarios where robots become one of the biggest treats to mankind.