What Is Real Robot?



In this article you will find detailed information about real robot and it will help you understand better what is real robot?


The term real robot is used to represent a genre of Japanese animation, which deals with mecha robots. This robots belonging to the genre of mecha robots have a basic characteristics which is that conventional power sources are used to power these robots and they use weapons and speed which are understandable by real world science to survive battle like situations.


Mobile Suit Gundam which came in the year 1979 is believed to be the first series which commence the idea about real robot and, along with The Super Dimension Fortress Macross which came in 1982, wanted to form the basis of real robot anime.


If you search more info on real robot, you will come to know that the word real robot can also be used to represent the real world working robots as per definition given by the Nikkei Business Publication.


The below presented explanation of real robot will not only help you understand better what is real robot, it will also let you know about  some of concepts of real robots which help to set real robot apart from the earlier robot anime. Let us take a look:

  • A robot is defined as a machine which can work in different industries. It is having arm or manipulators to perform the required actions and is majorly manufactured by military as well as business ventures in different countries of the world.
  • The concept about real robot use in production houses of various kinds of big industries and other profit-making manufacturing processes was introduced for the first time and also the introduction of manufacturing language such as mass-production, prototype and test-type.
  • The classic super robots usually make use of special attacks initiated by voice commands, the real robots generally use manually operated scaled-up/advanced versions of human weapons, like particle beams, guns, laser beams, swords and shields etc.
  • Another feature about real robot which set it apart from other robots is that they widely make use of ranged weapons which need ammunition to function.
  • Important info on real robot is that a cyclic maintenance is required because they are quite prone to malfunction and break down as is the case with other real machines used in commercial set ups of various types.