Social Impacts Of Robots

In this article, we are going to discuss about the social impacts of robots.

It is a well known fact that robots have come a long way and robots have been transferred from being toys to advanced and sophisticated machines. There has been increased use of robots can be easily seen in every walk of life. This has resulted in various social impacts of real robots. There is an ongoing debate among experts and academics regarding the increased use and social impacts of robots on society.

Experts have been continually exploring the issues related to what ethics should be there to govern the use of robots, their behavior, and whether robots might be able to claim any kind of social, legal or ethical rights. 


According to a team of expert scientist, it is quite possible that a robot brain might come in to existence by the year 2019; however they aren’t sure about the impact of robots on society if they are able to possess this ultimate quality of having a brain. Another group of scientists are of opinion that robot intelligence breakthroughs are possible by 2050. It is supported by the fact that there have been recent advances the robots which has resulted in more sophisticated behavior.


One of the social impacts of robots is that in many countries it has been introduced into the lives of students studying in elementary classes and in high school. An expert has suggested that in near future there would be a time when robots will become smarter than human race and named this concept as Singularity. He has also expressed his thoughts about this situation and also suggested that the impact of robots on society if they become more intelligent than us would be really bad. This would be very bad effects for humans.

Many nations are concerned about the social impacts of robots and steps have been taken to build a Artificial intelligence, which means that the advances which have been in progress with AI must also include an effort to make AI intrinsically friendly and humane.