Characteristics Of Robots


It sounds little bit strange but the reality is that there is no any standard definition for a robot. There are few essentials characteristics of robots which are required in any of the robot which are also the deciding factors that help in deciding whether a given machine can be categorized as a robot or not.

These robots characteristics also will help to figure out the features which need to be present in a machine before it can fall into the category of machines which are called as robots.


One of the defining characteristics of real robots is that it is a kind of machine with a potential of interacting with other physical things and it can be provided with the electronic programming to do a particular job or to do a variety of actions. The other important robotic characteristics required in a machine to be classified as a robot is the ability to recognize and understand data on physical objects, or on its local physical environment, or to process data, or to respond to different stimuli. The important point to note down here is that the above discussed characteristics of robots are in contrast to simple mechanical devices like a hydraulic press, a gear or any other appliance witch does not possess any of the processing abilities and perform any tasks through purely mechanical processes and motion.


The essential characteristics of robots have been classified in the following manner. Let us take a look at the given information to know more in detail about robotic characteristics:

Sensing:  The very basic characteristic of robots is that it must have the ability to sense its environment or the surroundings. It must sense it in almost similar ways as a human does. There are different types of sensors which can be present in a robot such as light sensors which function as eyes in human, chemical sensors to perform the functions which are done by nose, touch and pressure sensors to act like hands, hearing and sonar sensors to act like ears and taste sensors to act like tongue in human beings. All these sensors provide awareness to a robot about its surroundings.

Movement:  Another of the primary robots characteristics required in machine is that it must be able to move around its surroundings. This can be done in different ways like there can be rolling on wheels propelling by thrusters a robot needs to be able to move, to count as a robot. If the entire robot moves, it is like the Sojourner or if only some just parts of the robot moves, it is like the Canada Arm.


Energy: Energy is one of the most important robots characteristics. It is necessary to have an adequate source of energy so that robot is able to power itself on its own. There may be different sources like electrically powered, battery powered or solar powered robots. The means of energy are selected in accordance with the functions which the robot needs to perform.

Intelligence: The most important among all the characteristics of robots is that it must be a kind of smarts. This is the area where programming enters into the scene. Smartness is awarded to a robot by the programmer. A programmer is a person whose job is to provide robot its smartness.  The robot receives the program so that it knows what to do and how to do.