Latest Technological Trends In Robots


The ongoing research and development work in the field of robotics has resulted in so many new technological trends in robots. There are breakthroughs which are being achieved with the use of latest technology in robotics giving birth to new possibilities for automating tasks and enriching human lives for better. One can easily witness the presence of robotics in every sphere of life from automobile assembly line to automatic home security systems. It other words, robots have become a part of our world.


The following review comprises of some of the examples which presents a better overview of the current technological trends in robots. Let us take a look at the details as it will give us a clear idea about the latest technology in real robots which is being used to develop more intelligent robots.


Japan is hoping for a set up of full-scale commercialization of service robots in coming future i.e. by the year 2025. it is important to know that much of the  technological work and research in Japan is funded and managed by various agencies of the government of Japan and especially by the Trade Ministry of Japan.


With the use of complicated and sophisticated technological trends in robots, the robots are becoming more intelligent and it would eventually lead to a standard computer operating system which is dedicatedly designed for robots. Currently, there is one such system, known as Robot Operating System (ROS) which is open-source software being developed at Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Technical University of Munich, Germany, among others.


This operating system makes use of the latest technology in real robots and offers ways to design or program the direction-finding feature and limbs of robots not considering which type of hardware is being used in the robot. It also grants robots high-level programming commands for functions such as image recognition and even opening doors. With the installation of ROS as operating system in a robot, it would be possible to gain data regarding various attributes like the length and movement of robots' limbs. It would also make it easy to relay the information obtained to higher-level algorithms.


Another important example where latest technology in robotics is being implemented is the development of ‘Windows for robots’ system by Microsoft. It is being develop in the Robotics Developer Studio since 2007.


Thus, we see that there is lot of hard work and dedicated research going on to make more intelligent robots.